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The right frame width

The correct width plays a crucial aesthetic role when choosing a pair of glasses. It's important that your glasses fit you perfectly, neither too wide nor narrow. Narrow glasses can press against your temples and lead to unnecessary discomfort.

How do I find the right frame width?

If you already have a pair of glasses that sport a shape similar to those of the frames you are interested in (e.g., angular), you can use them to help you establish the right width for your face shape. Simply use a standard ruler and measure along the top of the frame from the furthest point to the other. Then use our "Determine Frame Width" filter, so you can find designs that match the width of your current frames.

Note: Not all designs are available in every size. This shouldn't pose a big problem, as your favourite frames can deviate up to ± 2 mm from your current width. Our filter automatically takes this into account and will present you with all the frames with a width of up to 2mm smaller or larger than the entered measurements. In the case of sunglasses, the scope is even wider as they generally tend a bit bigger.

If you wear angular frames with a width of 138 mm, you can rest assured that pretty much all angular glasses with a width of 136 - 140mm will fit comfortably.

Is the width of my glasses noted on my frames?

Unfortunately not. Unlike with shoes and shoe sizes, the width of a pair of glasses is not written on the frames. The width must be measured with a ruler. However, there are three distinct measurements noted in mm on the frames by many manufacturers, e.g. "55 □ 18 145" (glass width □ nose bridge,bar length). These measurements can also be found at Optissimo at the bottom of each product page.

Do wide or narrow frames suit me?

The following models would fit, although they are wider than your current glasses:

  • Due to their shape, cat-eye and pilot glasses tend to be wider than their bridge distance.

  • Sunglasses: should have a larger frame width to provide optimal protection against UV rays.

The following models would fit, although they are narrower than your current glasses:

  • Frames with flexible & thin arm put less pressure on your temples.

  • Frameless and transparent eyeglass frames are aesthetically more appealing in smaller sizes due to their subtle design.

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